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Renee Knight
This review is been done somewhat different to my usual reviews. I normally finish the book before starting on the review, I right a few notes to refresh my memory and on the whole I'm happy with the review.

Now to the review of the latest book Disclaimer.

The cover is full of the short headline grabbing newspaper and magazine reviews and I thought oh my, I'm in for a treat here.

A quick out line of the story, without giving too much away. A book suddenly appears in the life of Catherine who when reading it suddenly realises it is about her and everything in it is true. How? Who wrote it? Why now? What do they want?Well I read the first chapter, moved onto the second and then took a break as it was a bit difficult even at this early stage to get a feeling for the book.For several chapters the story goes back and forward, from 2013 then two years earlier, then 1993 and back again to 2013 and so fourth, I for one don't like too much tooing and throwing, it's difficult to get a flow going unless it's really well written and for me this book so far didn't quite hit the mark.

There's a chap called Stephen Brigstock who is widowed, his deceased wife's name is Nancy, now they are introduced very early on, chapter two in fact but you don't get to know or understand their part in the story till much later on the book, and then there is a couple called Robert and Catherine Ravenscroft who have a grown up son Nicholas who works at John Lewis as a sales assistant

I will continue reading, but most books I read I can not wait to pick up again, I find them hard to put down, this one is just the opposite, I find it hard to pick up and rather easy to put down again, not a good sign so far into a book!

I've had this book for two weeks now. I will in the interest of fairness finish the book before I finish the review but my god it's hard work so far.

Well I never, another few days have passed and I'm now a third of the way through and good news. In and around page 140ish the story picks up, it has started to actually wake up and yesterday was the first day I didn't want to put the book down. The characters have come to life the whole story of “The Book“ has come out and finally you the reader know a bit of the history of the author of this mysterious book and why it was written.

Allalulya, I can't wait till I have time later on today to pick it up again, it's a long time to wait I mean I'm just over a third of the way through the book.
If I wasn't reviewing it I wouldn't have got this far!

And so to the overall review. A very, very slow start and not just a start, the first 100 odd pages were a difficult read but my how it changed everything slowly falls into place as the author goes into the history of why this book was written and the story within the mysterious book also comes out to form part of the book you are reading, it's very clever writing and a very original idea for a story, mind you, you the reader have to persevere to get this far but on reflection it's fair to say it's worthwhile, the slow start makes sense as the story unfolds and my oh my does it unfold. It really is a very clever ending and actually a very clever and disturbing story. I feel as though I shouldn't have criticised the book so much regarding the first handful of chapters but it is an honest review of how I felt the book read.

If you like a mystery, if you like a story you have to concentrate on and you like twists and turns, well this book is for you. The author is very good at describing certain “nasty bits“ within the book, and on the whole I would give this a score of 3.75 mushroom heads mainly for the original concept and for the way it picked up. If it had carried on as it started it would have been a 2! Yes, over all I enjoyed it, I didn't think I would say that at the beginning, so stick with it and in you'll be in for a good read.
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