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Dead Souls

Elsebeth Egholm
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3 Mushroom Heads
I must admit to not having been caught up in the current craze for Scandinavian crime that it around whether it be in written or televisual form, so this book was a first for me. Slightly unfortunately this book is not the first in this particular series containing the same 3 main characters.

Despite it being the second book, you get enough fed to you to be able to read this book on its own, though I’m not sure if it would be worth going back and reading the first book now, so if interested you probably want to read the first book, Three Dog Night, prior to this one.

The three main characters are a mixed bunch, Kir, a female mine clearance diver, Mark, a police man and Peter, an ex-convict. All are approaching the intriguing issues of a box of bones found on the sea bed, a murdered nun and a missing boy from different but interlinked directions. The three of them of have history with each other and this affects their own actions accordingly.

It really is a tangled web that finally comes together in the final few chapters after several more murders, disappearances, double crossings and all the usual hallmarks of a well written thriller. The action skips back and forth between Kir, Mark and Peter as they follow their ever converging paths to solve the various crimes. (It can be difficult to review a book like this without revealing any spoilers!)

I’m given to understand that some of the TV shows from Scandinavia can be rather slow in nature with lots of build up whilst still maintaining the levels of tension, this is definitely the case with this book. Lots of wee diversions that just add tiny little bits to the overall story in slow incremental layers.

If you’re into your crime thrillers this is a book for you but bear in mind that it’s the second book with the same characters. I’d give it 3 Mr Mushroomheads for it’s easy reading style and good plot.
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