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Rod Humphris
Lt Ellis returns from leave, after burying his grandfather, to a mixed reception. He breaks commandment number one which is as we all know is never volunteer, and ends up in a web of intrigue between the ANA and the local village. After allowing the ANA commander to be beaten for looting and attempted rape Ellis' career is at risk certainly in the Rifles as he is told he is to be sent in disgrace from the unit in the morning however he stumbles upon a dead body........ .

I said to the old un “I will try to get this reviewed within the week“; a couple of hours later here's the review. I just could not put this short book down, the setting, the characters and the plot were totally believable and easy to picture in my mind as I read on. It reminded me of a serious Bluestone 42; I just hope, and demand, that this is not a one-off. I declare that I don't know Rod and that he doesn't owe me money, for my money though, IF we can get more from him we have the Kipling for our age.

Five Mushroom-heads .

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