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Day of the Dead

Mark Roberts
Set in Liverpool in the year 2019 this is the third book in the Eve Clay thrillers and the authors overall fifth book. The first two Eve Clay thrillers are Blood Mist and Dead Silent. This book is a completely stand alone story and there is absolutely no need to read the first two books.

Those of you who know Liverpool will like the way the author has drawn on his knowledge of the city when explaining in detail the roads and buildings and geographical layout of this famous North West city when he lays down the murders and and the fast moving investigation that follows.

Eve Clay is a Chief Inspector in the Merseyside Constabulary and heads up a team of detectives. She is assigned a murder but not an ordinary murder. The story is about a serial killer who has murdered several paedophiles and not just murdered but grotesquely tortured the victims prior to finally finishing them off. However the murder that sets this story off is not done by this killer there is a copycat at large who is following their hero and killing paedophiles in the name of justice.

I must say that the author has some imagination and his description of the bodies and how they feel when handling them is rather unnerving, it's spot on and doesn't leave much to the imagination of the reader. (Unfortunately I know what a dead body feels like having served for nearly thirty years in the Met Police.)

The fast moving enquiry and the way the team of detectives are introduced with Clay assigning each of them to their tasks really helps the story along. There are good interviews and the author actually has solicitors present and the whole interview process comes over as believable and credible, however I can't remember a caution but this isn't fact it's fiction and it fulfills its function which is to be an entertaining read.

I liked the story but I find the very short chapters mostly two to three pages long some only a page and a half long quite annoying, a chapter should be just that a chapter! I liked the way Clay was introduced as small orphaned child back in the 1980's and how that linked into this story.

Now I can't give too much away so this is a rather short review because if I start to introduce other characters it will spoil the read, the plot and the whole book. I would say it's very graphic, in parts, you've been warned!

If you like a good murder mystery with a good strong leading character then this book is for you. I'm taking a trip to the library to find the first two Clay Mysteries.

Four out of Five mushroom heads.

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