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Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles, Army Transport 1939-1945

A very useful book for the modelling enthusiast, containing 310 pages of detailed information on each of the wheeled vehicles used by the British and Allied Armies of World War Two. It also contains two sections giving information on many of the trailers used by the Allies.

The book measures 8“ long by 6“ high, available as either hard or paper-back and is a facsimile of original War Department pamphlets. The pages appear typed and re-bound, but that is part of the facsimile.

There are some very good line drawings in the book, looking to be in 1/72 or 1/76 scale (unconfirmed). While these drawings are not brilliant, they can be used to scratch build a model or two.

For those who are real nitty-gritty infoholics, there are sections dealing with type of tyre tread patterns, towing hook heights from ground and types of tank carried on transporters.

Once a reader has got used to the strange pagination system of the book, it is easy to find the vehicle required. I feel more could have been made of this book, by adding all elevation views of the vehicles rather than side view or angled. As a personal preference, I would also like to have seen a few photos.

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Published by HMSO. ISBN: 0 11 290408 4. First published 1983.
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