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Major and Mrs Holt
ARRSE Rating
4.5 Mushroom Heads
There are reams of D-Day books covering every aspect of the landings, tactics, uniform and equipment. Some are helpful if visiting but this is aimed squarely at those planning (and making) a visit.

The book gives some background notes, some really helpful points on using the guide and some thoughts on the difference between the 40th and 75th anniversaries. The last of the Second World War veterans are thinning out and the regular revisions of this guide remind us of the enduring interest in the battle for our later generations.

Moving into the main body of the book there are 304 pages of packed information. Recommended trips, notes on features and good clear maps.

Illustrations are relevant and of very good quality. There is also a large water resistant folding map covering the area. The GPS world is not forgotten. For those wanting food or accommodation this is also covered, Museums show the relevant opening times. In short this contains all the information for a well organised, informative tour. Anyone taking an elderly veteran to Normandy should regard the book as an essential planning tool.

The Holts have published a swathe of First and Second World War guides , these are regularly revised and it is obviously a full time labour of love . Keen eyed ARRSE readers can try and identify the tie worn by Major Holt on page 10.

Pen and Sword have produced to their usual high standard , prices start from £10.42 on Amazon

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