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Crete, the battle for Heraklion, 1941

The author is a Greek naval officer. This book is the fulfilment of his passion to explain the battle involving his birthplace, from all perspectives. Through extensive research and interviews, he has made a deep study of the battle. He has used Allied and Axis accounts and also introduces the recollections of the local Greek militia and civilians who fought in the battle and has “zipped“ the accounts together. He has even managed to get access to veterans' own photographic collections. He enhances this with his own photographs, comparing those photographs of particular locations taken at the time with the same perspectives today. This adds immeasurable value to those seeking to follow the chronology of the battle and the individual actions. In many cases, he is able to follow the exact routes that individuals took, from first preparations to the end of the battle, and is able to note exact locations of temporary graves, as well as final resting places..

The detail in the book is commensurate with a deep understanding of the progress of the battle. The writing is clear and concise. It is an ideal book for anyone who is seeking to gain a much deeper understanding of the battle and its part in the campaign. It would easily support a part of a battlefield tour featuring Heraklion. A very well deserved 4.5 stars.

Crete, the battle for Heraklion 1941, the campaign revealed through Allied and Axis accounts

Yannis PREKATSOUNAKIS, Solihull, Helion and Company, 2017
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352 pages, including bibliography and index, plus 400 black & white photos, colour photos, 27 black & white maps, 1 colour map.
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