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Crash and Burn

Lisa Gardner
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
A car crash, one injured female driver suffering from brain trauma injuries and a missing girl called Vero, which is short for Veronica, but Vero is who she is known by.

The start of a story which really doesn't get going until a third of the way through. A heroine who is very confused, confusion not only caused by the accident but by more sinister events. Vero is talking to the heroine within her head, and wont let go. A search for the missing girl at the crash scene two detectives investigating a case of a car crash? A missing girl?
An attempted murder? What and who are they investigating? a lot of questions and more to keep the reader guessing.

That is as far as I am going with the actual story of the book, although it took nigh on nearly 140 pages before I started to enjoy the book once I got to this stage I quite enjoyed the read, further more the big lead up to the story really getting going is crucial to the whole mystery of this psychological thriller.

A very experienced author Lisa Gardner has written 17 novels and another book “FIND HER“, is due out in Spring next year. Her writing reflects this as although there is a fair amount of toing and throwing it flows really well and the descriptive narrative is rather good to say the least. Yes there is one element which I found a tad far fetched but without spoiling the book and the story you will have to read it to see if you agree if technology really is this good (its to do with 3D printers and I'm saying no more). The story is full of twists and turns but comes together well at the end and altogether was a rather satisfactory read worthy of four mushroom heads.
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