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Concorde Supersonic Icon

Ingo W Baurenfeind
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4.5 Mushroom Heads
This is a very glossy and beautiful book, but considering it features the most beautiful aircraft, in all stages of its development and service, it is easy for it to be gorgeous.

Apart from being visually stunning, the book goes into considerable detail about almost every aspect of the aircraft, from conception to the menus served on Concorde. It skips nothing, from possible future developments to the storage and condition of the remaining aircraft. Also it describes the Russian Tupolev 144 in considerable detail.

The book includes interviews with aircrew, engineers, test pilots and passengers, all of which are fascinating.

However, it is the photographs which are the main attraction. Maybe the most photographed aircraft ever, there are many photos I have not seen before, including flights with other iconic aeroplanes like the Vulcan. You can stare at the beauty of Concorde for hours. Once read, it is best to just pick it up and look at the photos at random.

Interestingly there is a Q reader code embedded which makes 8 videos available.

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