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Cold Blood by Andy McNab

Andy McNab
This latest installment in the Nick Stone series opens with Nick in a bad way. (As Stone followers will know, at the end of his last adventure his ex-partner and son were slaughtered). He therefore accepts a job as mentor and support for a wounded ex-serviceman expedition to the North Pole. What could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Aside from the issues of the expedition members – and there are a fair few of them – global oil interests in the Arctic combine commercial opportunism with Russian expansion. Net result, the body count keeps rising. I found that the final denouement was over the cusp of credibility, but getting there was a fun ride.

Compared to earlier Stone books, there is less about combat and covert action techniques and rather more about PTSD and the challenges faced by veterans, (with or without PTSD), adjusting to civilian life. I found this some of the most compelling writing. Clearly Nick Stone is on the cusp of mental collapse; the next book should be interesting.

As with all McNab’s work, the pace it brisk and some of the one liners are delicious. The plot isn’t one of his best, but you’ll enjoy reading it, as will anyone you give it to.

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