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Robert Jackson
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4 Mushroom Heads
A bit of a Curate's Egg this one.
This is a modellers handbook for the Centurion; it's quite a slim volume about the size of an Osprey book, with a lot of illustrations of both the tank and various models available for it.

The illustrations in the main are black and white photographs, with a number of colour plates showing various colour schemes/variants of the tank. While these are good some are a bit bizarre, a picture of a Foden cannon in the AA role for instance, and some Israeli jets spring to mind. There is also one picture I am fairly sure is a Chieftan and not a Centurion.

It covers the tank's development in a very brief chapter and its service with Britsh forces is similarly treated. The majority of the book covers its service abroad, which is a bit odd but I am guessing is aimed at the model making side of things.

There is a section on the various kits available on the market, although the way firms and lines come and go I cannot vouch for how accurate it is. The last two sections on the book cover AVRE modifications and the final one is a brief history of it in combat.

All in all for the general reader I'd give it a 3.5, for a modeller or enthusiast a 4.

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