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Military Equipment

Impartial reviews of items of military equipment including webbing

  1. Warrior Elite Ops Pegasus Pack

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    23 Litre Day sack
  2. London Bridge Trading Company - Three Day Light Backpack

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    An incredibly over-priced, simplistic backpack that whilst it impresses on first sight, soon starts to show its flaws.
  3. Dixies Corner - Multicam Webbing & Spyder Yoke

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    Designed to bespoke standards, designed to last, Dixies Corner knows the job inside out and wont let you down with another excellent example of robust, purpose designed kit
  4. Highlander Forces 44 in HMTC

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    It could be said that Highlander are a house hold name when it comes to outdoor kit and the 44 Litre rucksack has been one of their firm favourites for a few years now. Now that it is clear that MTP is the way of the future, and a lot of firms have been bringing out their “own version” of MTP to keep up with the latest trends and Highlander is no different in bringing out their Highlander Multi Terrain Camouflage (HMTC). Of course the million dollar question is going to be “how does HMTC...
  5. Marauder Webbing

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    First - the caveats: I'm only using this as a CFAV, my boss gave/issued me this webbing, my last experience with webbing was near 20yrs ago, and I'm a self confessed gear whore! So, on to the webbing. This the Marauder SAS/Para MTP Webbing available from Britkit for £94.95 I've no idea what makes it SAS/PAra... that's their label. It's configuration is pre-fitted pouches to a padded belt, with a roll-pin buckle. Available in 2 sizes (below 32", and above 32"), the smaller size has 2...
  6. Mountainlife 50L Backpack

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    I suspect that most people have heard of Mountain Warehouse as they have been around for a few years now after their launch in 1997 and they have their own branded equipment (Mountainlife) ranging from socks through to ski clothing. I have tested the Mountainlife 50L backpack that only comes in one colour (dark olive green) and a stated capacity of 50 litres. My first view of the backpack is that it is well made and has most of the usual gubbins that you would expect of a backpack of this...
  7. BCB Sleep-lite Folding Sleeping Mat

    The Sleep-Lite Folding Sleeping Mat is part of BCB’s bivouac range. This is not the future soldier mat. Folding sleeping mats have two main advantages over rolling and self inflating sleeping mats. The first advantage being pack-ability compared to the rolling mat. They compact right down without the need to have a hole in the middle and, when compared to an inflating mat, folding mats can be used to support bags but of course don't pack down as well. When fully folded up the mat...
  8. Highlander SL hydration system

    Highlander is a firm that we have all heard of, as they have been going for over twenty years now and their motto of “The world, without costing the earth” indicates their aim of providing a range of outdoor products that are value for money. The Highlander SL hydration system is their latest product and comes in a choice of two or three litre. I have tested the two litre version, which is made from a PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate which is a copolymer of polyethylene and ethylene...
  9. Tomahawk Elite LX Daysack in Multicam

    I first became aware of Highlander about a decade or so ago. I formed the impression, perhaps unfairly, that they were at the cheap and cheerful end of the market and probably not the sort of stuff that would stand up to the abuses of soldiering. I was, therefore, a little wary when I was asked to review their kit. My initial impression on opening the box this pack came in is that they've grown up. It's a 35litre daysack with molle type loops on the sides and back. It's made with Crye...
  10. Ortileb Military Range Waterproof Liner

    The ARRSE review team has looked at Orlieb bags before, comparing them very favourably to the poor quality imitation ones that you get issued. They've decided to build on that success and produce a new range aimed directly at the military user and I was fortunate enough to receive the full set to review. The first thing that struck my when receiving the liners was the sheer size, I have been given one 120 litre Bergen (main pouch) liner, one 50 litre rucksack (day/patrol pack) liner and a...