Cataclysm. The war on the Eastern Front 1941-45.

Cataclysm. The war on the Eastern Front 1941-45.

Keith Cummins.
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That the war on the Eastern Front in the Second World War was conflict on huge scale is no surprise to anyone with even a passing knowledge of military history. But the actual scope and intensity is something difficult to grasp when the actually facts and figures are presented. Keith Cummings has taken those stark numbers and put them into a remarkably detailed context.

It has often baffled me that simply looking at a map I struggle to comprehend how Hitler thought that he could conquer such a vast Country with the forces at his disposal. The author details, the objectives, and the units in such a way as to illustrate the operational concepts. And then in the same logical way he details how after the initial successes it all started to unravel…..

The book is one for those who have a serious interest in the history of the conflict or who may wish to have a reference to work from. The book deals with the strategic and operational level of Operation Barbarossa from its conception to its ultimate failure in the rubble strewn streets of Berlin. As Churchill acknowledged the Red Army tore the guts out of the Wehrmacht this book is a guide to how they did it.

Unit designations, organisations, Commanders, and equipment all are dealt with in a comprehensive yet detailed narrative. The vast scale of manoeuvres, casualties, equipment losses, Nothing is overlooked, likewise the scale and necessity of the Allied Lend Lease programme and how it underpinned the huge Soviet efforts to wreak their remorseless revenge upon their German aggressors. Several times I found myself having to put the book down to try and make sense of the distances and figures quoted in the text, they are simply staggering.

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