Castle Assault, Sieges & Battles Edward I to Bannockburn

Castle Assault, Sieges & Battles Edward I to Bannockburn

Peter Dennis
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
Another in the introduction to Wargaming series from Helion &Co. A4 in size with 300gsm covers and 48 x 180gsm pages, printed in colour.

Figures include; English Knights on Horseback, Knights and Men-at-Arms on foot, English Spearmen, Archers and Crossbowmen; Scottish Knights, spearmen, skirmishers; Welsh Spearmen, cavalry and archers. There is even a page of Robin Hood and Gang plus a few medieval peasants for good measure.

Also included are Bullock-carts, General carts and trees. Added to this are a castle, town houses and a selection of siege machines; such as a trebuchet, a mangonel, a great crossbow, scaling ladders and a siege tower.

Eight pages of easily understood rules and instructions are situated at the rear of the book, with detailed explanations on various points. A short paragraph explains how Bannockburn started. The last two pages have a road bridge and a footbridge and fences. These can be used in other battles.

The book is very detailed and has better information than others in the series. All sections are interchangeable and can be used to stage a number of historical battle scenarios. I'm not quite sure which battles Robin Hood fought in, but he can be used as a skirmisher or irregular troop.

Overall rating 4 out of 5

Published by Helion & Company,
ISBN : 978-1-912174-85-0

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