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Jeffery Deaver
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I mentioned this book a week or so ago in the thread “What are you reading”, and now I have finished I felt compelled to write a review.

Jeffery Deaver as a lot of you probably know is an American thriller author, he is one of my favourite fictional writers, his writing stands apart from other authors he is famous for the Lincoln Rhyme series which includes The Bone Collector which was made into a film.

In 2004 Deaver wrote an excellent thriller set in 1930’s Berlin called Garden of Beasts, this book won the Crime Writers Association Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award.
Deaver was approached by Ian Flemming’s estate and asked if he would be interested in writing a James Bond book. As he said in his notes, being a lifelong fan of Ian Fleming he jumped at the offer and so this book came to being.

This book isn’t new first published in the UK in 2011, I haven’t a foggiest why it took me so long to read this book it’s been on my to-read list and sat on my shelf for a few years but eventually, a few weeks ago, I picked it up and my goodness it didn’t disappoint.

I haven’t read an Ian Fleming book but I have, like many, watched most if not all The Bond films. My favourite Bond is Roger Moore. The pages of this book ooze Bond and I could picture and almost hear the voice of old Roger on every page, I dare say you could picture your favourite Bond.

So what’s this all about? It’s typical Bond, the book sets out how he came into the roll, how he was interviewed in his favourite club by “M” over lunch, and why the book is actually titled Carte Blanche, the staff introduced the ladies who work in the department one called Miss Goodnight, yes typical Bond!

The story starts off in Serbia, Bond staking out a restaurant and following his prey. The first few pages set the scene with several deaths and Bond been whisked back to London where he is debriefed. This all leads to Bond uncovering a plot which will have serious consequences for British Interests and if successful will cause deaths on a huge scale.

It takes him to Cambridge, The Middle East, and South Africa. It’s very fast moving, department Q is involved and some of the gadgets are, as always brilliant in their ingenuity and they are still very much up to date despite been several years old! I’d love his phone and inhaler, Bond with an inhaler? Well quite.

Who is the baddy? Well that would be telling but it does feature the recycling business something else that is really up to date, recycling can get rid of a few nasty things and I loved the way something as boring as recycling can be turned into such an exciting backdrop.

So I haven’t given anything away, is there a Bond girl, oh yes indeed and yes he does, why this hasn’t been made into a film yet I don’t know, I hope one day it is, but then again does film ever really live up to the book? That’s probably why I haven’t read the Fleming novels, but if you have read a Fleming book on Bond then I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by Deaver.

I’m very confident this book would be loved by those who log onto this site and like a good adventure. You know the only thing missing from this book is the theme tune, but close your eyes you can almost hear the opening notes...I loved it, treat yourself or ask for it for Christmas, it will give you something to look forward to and keep you company when you indulge in a nice single malt or in my case a hot chocolate. We all need a bit of escapism and Bond and this book fit the bill brilliantly.

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