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Martin Rowson
Satirical cartoonist Martin Rowson has taken five Christmas Carols and re-interpreted them, in cartoon form, albeit with misheard/mis-sung words. For instance “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” translates into “Got Dressed Yet, Mary? Gin till Morn!” as a husband scolds his wife for one or two too many gins the night before!

The book is a perfect stocking filler for the cheerless so and so in your life who will see it, as not just the definitive anti-Christmas but as proof positive that he was right to say “Bah! Humbug!”

Rowson takes each of the five Carols apart using his inimitable and funny caricature cartoons and while this book will not keep you enthralled for more than fifteen minutes or so, it is one that you will find yourself returning to – even if it is only to place Auntie Xxxx or Uncle Yyyy in one of the cartoons.

This book should bring a smile to the most cynical of Humbugs, and being pocket sized can be fitted quite nicely into someone’s anticipatory Christmas Stocking.

Due to the specialised area dealt with I can only give this three Mr MRHs, but as the said area is just about upon us then maybe up to 3.5.
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