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Call To Arms Over by Christmas by David Bilton

David Bilton
The nations of Europe had seen military tension building in the Summer of 1914 , but in the final days of peace the major powers raced to mobilise. Their subjects nearly all thought a European war would be over in months. Even the military establishments had little idea of how long a conflict could last . Kithchener was one of the few voices forecasting a war of years.

David Bilton has assembled a collection of photographs recording life on the home fronts of the main powers, albeit there are far les Russian images.

The book is divided into twelve sections , the last and poignant section titled Christmas .There is a short introductory text and a helpful chronology which serves as a handy reference , especially for the generalist reader.

David Bilton has written some 12 books and has also been involved with television productions. His work includes The Hull Pals and The Home Front.
Unlike many war photograph books this one is properly indexed , together with a bibliography and set of references.

The book is well produced by Pen & Sword in paperback form priced at £14.99 although can be cheaper on Amazon. There is also a kindle version.

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