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James Holland
The defence of the Admin Box in February 1944, a battle that lasted fifteen days is a story to parallel Rorke's Drift or any similar operation.It was a remarkable feat, made even more remarkable because it wasn't fought by an elite regiment, no special forces, in fact barely any true combat troops. It was fought by clerks, cooks, drivers and medical staff who were aided and bolstered by a few tank crews and a small detachment of The West Yorks Regiment.

This particular battle is noteworthy not just because of the rag-tag nature of the participants but because it was the first significant defeat of Japanese troops by the British, a defeat that would go a long way in influencing the manner and tactics that General Slim and his Fourteenth Army would adopt in their long and arduous campaign.

The story is told in a way that keeps the reader engrossed; the narrative enables the story to flow smoothly and is a superb introduction to any reader in the story of WW2 in the Far East. There are thrills aplenty and facts galore.

The book contains very useful maps and an excellent collection of photographs.

James Holland is known and admired for hist historical works;books such as 'Battle of Britain' and 'The Dam Busters' have been featured on here previously, along with some of his fictional works. James knows how to tell a story and does it very well indeed and this book is well up in his pantheon of non-fiction works.

A superb book on a little known battle and an excellent introduction to any future works on the Burmese Campaign. A book that should be on the shelves of anyone with an interest in history.
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