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British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century

British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century

Andrew Boyd
ARRSE Rating
3.5 Mushroom Heads
An extremely well researched and comprehensive read, but, it is a weighty tome indeed. This account covers just about everything to do with Naval Intelligence you could think of, personnel, incidents, codes, ciphers and general intelligence gathering.

Naval int  2.jpg

There is a brief account of the early years from 1800 to 1882 and from then to 1905 and the creation of the Naval Intelligence Department. Its development up to WWI and WWI itself, covering the U-boat threat and the battle of Jutland. the inter war years and the technological changes leading to an increase of intelligence gathering, and then WW2, incorporating the work done at Bletchley Park, the U-boat threat and how Enigma was used, the intelligence led strikes against the Kriegsmarine's capital ships like the Bismarck and the Tirpitz. In the far East Naval Intelligence kept tabs on the Japanese fleet, weapons and aircraft.

Finally into the cold war and intelligence gathering of the naval capabilities of USSR, ships, submarines and nuclear weapons.
A long, hard read but worth it in the end.

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