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This slim,little volume was first published in 1971 to explain the bewildering array of military markings on the vehicles used in World War II. It remains one of the most sought after books in this subject as the information inside far exceeds the outwards appearance.

The book contains 64 pages of information including black and white wartime photos, line drawings and 7 pages in full colour depicting over 150 signs.

Dealing with formations and their signs, arm of service signs, tactical signs, other vehicle signs and a guide to vehicle markings; there is sufficient data here for any modeller to produce accurate representations of WWII vehicles. There are also ten appendices featuring Arm of Service strips, typical Armoured Division strengths, how Infantry and Armoured Regiments were formed, Artillery units, typical positioning of vehicle marks, Tank company formation and semaphore used by Army Tank Units.

Most of the information given is by black and white line drawings, which I feel would have been better in colour. It is very easy to follow and gives the reader the right amount of information without him getting bogged down in technical jargon. Even I can understand the system!

All in all, this is a well-thought out and well-researched book and indispensable to the modeller, enthusiast or wargamer. My only complaint is there really could have been many more colour plates.

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ISBN 10: 085524296 (paperback); 08552288 (hardback)
Paperback; (104 Watling Ave., Edgware, Middx.), Almark Publishing Co. Ltd;

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