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British Army Issue 45L Patrol Sack

Up for review we have an issue piece of kit, namely the 45 litre Patrol Sack in Multi Terrain Pattern (not Multicam). This is based on the Predator 45L Patrol made by Karrimor SF with a few tweaks, changes and refinements. This review is based on usage in the camp/UK environment and has not been worn over body armour.

The company spiel offers up a Patrol Sack designed to offer a versatile platform for field operations in the 21st Century the Patrol Sack is based on extensive battlefield testing and includes many refinements and evolutionary improvements from previous generations of the Karrimor SF Predator range. Manufactured using the highest quality materials and components this patrol sack is designed to operate in extreme conditions and facilitate mission success.

Karrimor SF in conjunction with Police Resources International (PRI) have an agreement to print the MTP fabric and hold contracts with the UK Ministry of Defence, delivering a range of products including the 45 litre Patrol Sack.

  • Military Grade Cordura
  • Padded back system
  • S-shaped shoulder harness
  • Adjustable Sternum strap
  • One main compartment
  • Double draw cord closure on main compartment.
  • Internal Adjustable quick release straps
  • Internal back support/protector.
  • Compatible with side pockets (PLCE)
  • Floating Lid with pocket Internal Lid pocket
  • Side Stuff pockets
  • MOLLE webbing front and sides
  • D rings top and bottom
  • Velcro ID Panel
  • Side Compression straps
  • Fully adjustable quick release closure straps
  • Carry handle front and back
  • Rot-proof thread
  • Durable water repellent (DWR)
  • Heavy duty YKK zips

So what can you expect from your new piece of issued kit, you’re probably expecting it to be an average piece of kit that only half does the job, giving you the excuse to go out and purchase your own Gucci bag so you can look ally and be an individual and stand out amongst the rest of the guys. Well you’d be wrong (no doubt someone will disagree with its fit for purpose use). From taking it out of the wrapper it already feels a good quality that you expect from a Karrimor SF product.

The back padding has a mesh system to aid with airflow, with extra padding in the lumbar area. The internal area seems to be a hardened foam packer (not removable) under the material that stops any equipment inside digging into your back. The shoulder straps are padded and start in the centre with a fair amount of reinforced stitching. As part of the fixing there is also a wide web strap between the shoulder straps this runs behind a perpendicular strap from top dead centre of the bag to where the straps are stitched on. This forms a crucifix arrangement that spreads the weight of the contents across the straps. Over the front of the straps there is an adjustable sternum strap. The shoulder straps themselves are an S shape that fit the contour of your body and combined with the padding offer a lot more comfort than a straight one.

The main compartment is a single compartment with a standard draw cord closure at the top of the compartment and one at the top of the dust cover. Inside the compartment are two substantial quick release load securing straps fixed horizontally. These aren’t attached to the bag but loop through a pair of flat D rings mounted top and bottom. These allow you to secure heavy items, such as batteries, to the back plate to prevent them moving around when running.

The Lid is a floating lid, QR buckles at the front and adjustable straps at the back, so you can overload your bag and still be able to close the lid. Or even remove it completely! On top is a zipped compartment and internally there is another mesh zipped pocket. Completing the lid is a Velcro ID panel.

The sides of the bag have heavy duty YKK zips which are compatible with the PLCE side pouches. The bag is flexible enough that you can zip them together and reduce the overall volume size. There are two compression straps on each side that are long enough to attach extra items even with a PLCE pouch fitted. There is also a stuff pocket on each side. The front and sides of the bag have MOLLE webbing as standard.

Overall I have used this bag around camp as a day sack I have found it to be very comfortable and practical for daily use, though I have added a medium utility pouch to the sides for all those items you need to hand as the lid pocket isn’t that big. I recently used the Patrol sack on two Bergan runs, the first one a 6 miler ended up quite painful in the lower back. This was due to me stuffing the weight in, in doing so I released the lower of the load securing straps and the buckle sat at the bottom of the compartment below the back protector and stuck into my lower back, which after 4 miles really started to grate. Lesson Learnt. After a repack and using the load straps correctly the 10 miler was no problem at all. The one major difference between this bag and the Predator version is the waist belt or should I say lack of it. The bag is designed to sit higher up the back making a waist belt irrelevant, especially if worn over body armour.

For once a bit of issued kit that in my opinion is fit for purpose..

Let the debate begin……………