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Warship 2022 is an annual production by Osprey publishing. The work is edited by John Jordan the naval author but he also draws on a host of talent including Hans Lengerer and Conrad Waters.


The hardback publication is a series of twelve naval articles on subjects ranging from medium flight carriers of the Imperial Japanese Navy to modern frigate design in European navies. The individual articles are well researched and concisely written by authors with an obvious command of their subject. The item on post war radar development in the Royal Navy is exemplary.
One of the items of more interest to wider readership is the examination of Operation Tunnel ,the operational sweeps in The Channel in WW2
This is a book aimed at the specialist naval reader looking to extend the breadth of their knowledge in an enjoyable manner. The reviewer can easily imagine it turning up in the libraries of some of the service clubs. The cover price of £40 reflects the price to be expected for annual low circulation reviews in printed format. However, for those in this area it is a good buy. The book is published to a high standard with excellent quality photographs on gloss paper. There is a section of Naval Books Of The Year with some good pointers for further research. One listed is the Abandon Ship: The Real Story of the Sinkings in the Falkland War , a book that is picking up interesting coverage in the media.

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