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Book Review:The Fall of Malaya And Singapore

Jon Diamond
Jon Diamond has assembled a selection of good quality photographs embedded in 5 chapters of text .The book runs to 208 pages and as ever Pen & Sword print to a good standard
The text is without index, bibliography or any Orbats The latter leads to some confusion when trying to identify what constitutes the relevant formations. Furthermore , there are inaccuracies in titles, eg 9th Gurkha Rifles become 9 Gurkha Regt. At the time of battle Wavell was a General not a Field Marshall.
The standard remarks about Force Z and air cover are made, including a reference to Taranto . But at the time the task force sailed no capital ship at sea had ever been sunk by unsupported air attack.
There is a reference to jungle and plantations affecting the going , but the author did not pick up that much of the acreage that defence plans had viewed as jungle had in recent years been cleared to plantation.
Photo captioning shows a few errors; The “Lanchester“ armoured cars (p51) are Marmon-Herringtons. One“ Bren Gun“ looks suspiciously like a Vickers Berthier.The Blenheims “over Tengah“ strangely show a squadron marking for 614 Sqn or 54 OTU who were both in the UK. The AA gun on page 41 is probably not a 3.7“ .
As for Japanese kit, the “Type92“ tank (p135) is almost certainly a type 89
Perhaps a future volume will tidy up these anomalies
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