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Book Review:The Fall of Malaya And Singapore

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    Jon Diamond
    Jon Diamond has assembled a selection of good quality photographs embedded in 5 chapters of text .The book runs to 208 pages and as ever Pen & Sword print to a good standard
    The text is without index, bibliography or any Orbats The latter leads to some confusion with trying to what constitutes the relevant formations. Furthermore there are inaccuracies in titles, eg 9th Gurkha Rifles become 9 Gurkha Regt. At the time of battle Wavell was a General not a Field Marshall.
    The standard remarks about Force Z and air cover are made, including a reference to Taranto . But when the task force sailed no capital ship at sea had been sunk by unsupported air attack.
    There is a reference to jungle and plantations affecting the going , but did not pick up that much of the acreage defence plans had viewed as jungle had in recent years been cleared to plantation.
    Photo captioning shows a few errors; The "Lanchester" armoured cars (p51) are Marmon-Herringtons. One" Bren Gun" looks suspiciously like a Vickers Berthier.The Blenheims "over Tengah" strangely show a squadron marking for 614 Sqn or 54 OTU who were both in the UK. The AA gun on page 41 is probably not a 3.7" .
    As for Japanese kit, the "Type92" tank (p135) is almost certainly a type 89
    Perhaps a future volume will tidy up these anomalies

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