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Book Review: Naval battles of The Second World War .The Atlantic and the Mediterranean

Leo Marriott
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3.5 Mushroom Heads
Leo Marriot has chosen a broad canvass with two relatively short books (140- ish pages) setting out to examine the major naval campaigns of the second world war. In this first book we find the Atlantic and Mediterranean, while the second volume will look at the Pacific and Far East, the second is currently on pre order for June release.

The book is split into 19 chapters including the Battle of The River Plate, the 2 Narvik battles and of course The Pursuit Of The Bismarck. There is a slightly sad mention of the final fate of Prinz Eugen. The treatment of the various engagements has to be fairly brief in a book that covers so much sea in 140 pages. The story of PQ17 is poignant and remains us of the service of the Merchant Navy in the war.

This is a book that will appeal to the generalist reader but will also be of value to naval readers seeking a broad overview. The book is eminently readable, and the author has a noteworthy track record over many years including a review of the Essex class aircraft carriers. They have also written some aviation works.

The book is printed to a high standard with good quality relevant black and white photographs on semi matt paper. Publisher Pen & Sword. Price£20.00, other copies on Amazon from £10.35.Kindle edition £9.99.There is a good glossary and abbreviation section in the introduction. There is a useful table of warships listed in the book as well as a bibliography and some photo attribution but no index as such.

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