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Bombshell Dark Combat Flip Flops

Ok – so I am approached to trial a pair of flip flops (Bombshell Dark), excellent I think – I needed a new pair for my holiday. They are called what?? Am I supposed to practice karate moves or something in them? I only wanted them to wear on a beach holiday, not a warzone…. Then I find out a bit more about the story behind them and the ethical side of manufacture and realise that they are simply comfy footwear, “bad for running and worse for fighting”.
I have to say my first thought was that the price tag was very large for a pair of flip flops, do they do the walking for me? But I was pleasantly surprised when they arrived. They look beautiful and are extremely well made with a lovely cushioned leather footbed and robust sole. I particularly liked the little grenades on the strap – nice touch!

I merrily took them off to Malta for a pummelling for two weeks – where they were worn pretty much all day every day, over sand and rocks; in the sea (I thought the salt water would have killed them) and in pool water; up and down hills; on and off buses, and on some quite long walks around town dragging two small children behind me. They have been stood on (by my 3 year old); chewed and dribbled on (by my 6 month old), and run over by the buggy wheels. All this in temperatures above 38 degrees resulting in some sweaty feet!

Amazingly, after all this brutal treatment, they look as good as the day I took them out of the box. The tread on the sole is barely worn, unlike the ones I usually buy which get stones wedged in the sole and fall apart after one summer. There is no degradation of the footbed and no impressions made by my feet. They do not smell and the stitching is completely intact.​

They are extremely comfortable to wear and I have to confess that although I probably wouldn’t have gone out and bought them at that price, they are indeed worth every penny if they negate the need to purchase a new pair every year. It is definitely looking promising for the next few years at least…..

Bombshell Dark Combat Flip Flops are available from Hetty Kat.

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