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Graham Masterton
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5 Mushroom Heads
Now how do I review a big book like this? Well I started by wrestling it off my wife who took it away as soon as I had laid it down! She meanwhile has promised to lend it to her bezza.

I am not a great fan of detective thriller stories so I wasn’t too chuffed to receive the book at first, I did the usual looked and read the dust jacket someone killing nuns, well that’s a change. The paper was good as was the font then three chapters later I realised that my tea was cold and I was hooked by the fantastic descriptive writing that Mr. Masterton produced.

The story is based in and around county Cork, my only problem was that I could only read it in a Dublin accent being half Irish myself, so it is. Someone is killing thoroughbred Horses and the description of this in the first chapter really was chilling and grey, look out for the dog because that how I felt. Then we move on to the killing of nuns one of them a flying nun another having her toes chopped off and her feet shoved in a blender, are you still with me? I won’t spoil the book for you but there are four cases which Katie Maguire our heroine has to deal will each with their own type of politics and pressures. She is brilliantly sculpted and written by a man so she is . The finding of bones in the convent blows her budgets and she comes into conflict with the mother superior. The finale is a mix of farce and fantasy but I could not put the book down I just had to join in the chase.

This book is my Fiction book of the year and if you and your wife are as bloodthirsty as mine buy it as a Christmas present, they won’t be disappointed. I could rave about it for hours so I am desperately trying to keep this review short , buy it Five Mushroom heads so it is .
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