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Blast Radius

R. L. McKinney
During his final tour in Afghanistan Sgt Sean McNicol found himself both mentally and physically injured by a blast that killed his best mate, Mitch. He spent the following year finding himself out of the Marines and living at home with his sister, all the while his dead friend is talking in his ear.

Eventually he has to confront the truths about his past as well as let his friend go.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, having finally got around to reading it; I did so in a day. The author has managed to cover both the physical and mental issues that can and does affect many after deployment. The author manages to hit squaddie humour quite well throughout the book, which isn’t bad considering she is American but being female she has to put the odd love seen in too.

Having not suffered from PTSD I wouldn’t know how accurate her descriptions of what would be going through someone’s head are, but I believe she has managed to give the reader an incite in to what is generally a personal experience and covered off how it effects not just the sufferer, but those around them too.

I found the book to be well written and flows nicely and quite well researched (the character at one point packs just a spoon and not the whole KFS). I did spot the odd Americanism within the book but it didn’t detract from the story.

There are certainly worse books out there than this one and I would put it on my holiday books list. Well worth a read. And the next time I’m up in Edinburgh or the West Highland Way, I will be looking out for some of the areas featured in the book.

I would give this a very worthy 4 MH.
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