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James Henry
By the same author who wrote the DI Jack Frost prequels, Blackwater features DI Jack Lowry as he solves several crimes in his patch around South Essex.

This book begins with the landing of a cargo of drugs on New Year’s Eve and the unexplained death of a soldier from the Colchester Garrison on New Year’s Day. For those unfamiliar with the geography, a useful map is included at the start of the book. Over the tightly plotted pages, the connections between the two become clear, although it does not become apparent until the last few chapters that the author has left one last twist in the tale.

I read this book in a few days. The layout, a sort of diary format, means that it is easy to read and maintain the understanding of what stage the investigation has reached. The characters are well drawn and believable, apart from a Brigadier sporting a beard! The novel is dated 1983, so at best, perhaps a handlebar moustache joining sideburns? There are other small military errors, but they do not detract from an entertaining novel. There are some sub plots that do not have a resolution in this novel and I would be happy to read more in this series.

Riverrun, London, 2016 484 pages

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