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Becoming Hitler:The Making of a Nazi by Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber
Books on Hitler are countless ranging from the politically preconceived to the sensationalist. Thomas Weber brings a serious academic approach to the early years between war service and the Ludendorff putsch and trial.
Thomas Weber is a professor at Aberdeen University, has DPhil from Oxford and has taught at Harvard, University of Chicago and University of Pennsylvania. He has published widely.

Following on from his Hitler's First War (OUP) Weber develops the early Hitler political years, this is no regurgitation of other author's works but well researched history with a wealth of notes and cross references. Many of the accepted positions from Mein Kampf and Seine Leben und seine Reden are re-examined and the latter is now attributed to Hitler himself and not von Koerber. Weber has accepted little at face value but gone back to source material in a way many authors could do well to emulate. The reader is well served by this painstaking approach.

The book is well written and flows well for a heavyweight subject. It is obviously aimed at the serious reader who has already done their homework, the quality of the book will also act as a good framework for those looking to develop their knowledge of the subject.

The author explores the threads that Hitler wove into his destiny, some politics were discarded and others honed. Having assimilated the war time years in his earlier book he is able to concentrate on a short time span and analyse the post war Hitler and see how his politics developed.

The book runs to 337 pages and a further 85(!) pages of notes, acknowledgments, archival collection, bibliography and index together with a really helpful list of websites. Printing is to the normal OUP high standard with good quality illustrations. The book is priced at £20 (Kindle £13.00 and audio CD £22.57). The price makes some other poorly researched books look pretty overpriced.
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