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Battle for Paris 1815

Battle for Paris 1815

Paul L Dawson
ARRSE Rating
3.5 Mushroom Heads
Have you ever wondered what happened after the battle of Waterloo?
Well, this book has all the answers.

French field officers wanted revenge for Waterloo and so the French fought on after the battle, retreating steadily towards Paris whilst fighting and skirmishing against the Prussian army.

In the past the French Marshal Grouchy had bad press and this book dispels that myth. It is an incredibly well researched book, using lots of primary source material from the French army archives that has never been used before. The book is not easy reading unless you are a real aficionado of the Napoleonic wars and battles, but having said that I found it very interesting. The book's main fault is the complete absence of maps which would have made it a great deal easier to follow the action.

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