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Baltic Byline

Mike Collier
Mike Collier is a British journalist based in Latvia who has written a collection of short stories about a British journalist based in Latvia. That doesn't sound like a very promising start, and the ideal audience for this book may be slightly limited, but there is plenty in the stories that will delight those who understand them.

Anybody who has ever been a journalist, hung around the Baltic or eastern Europe, or anywhere else been subjected to the round of embassy receptions, press conferences for visiting dignitaries, and dealing with colourful local nutters will respond to the experiences of the book’s rumpled hero Beacon with grins and grimaces of recognition. In addition, each gently amusing story is written with a light touch but with flair, and fans of Wodehousian metaphors will not be disappointed.

If you fall into any of those brackets, this is recommended as a good read, in easily digestible chunks, which for the most part is gently entertaining but still delivers the occasional belly laugh. Four mushroom heads (with a regretful deduction for lack of mass-market appeal), and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Mike's other books.

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