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John Grehan (editor)
History has always been fertile ground for what if ? writing. John Grehan has collected a series of what if ? assassination items. The skill has been to select writing that is brief but credible. The format has been to look at what was happening at the time , to superimpose an assassination and see the result. In each case there is then a quick hop back to what actually happened.

Writers include Nigel West , Adrian Gilbert and Peter Tsouras , a number of whom will be familiar to readers. Their writing is well thought out and developed and always credible.

Hitler , Stalin, De Gaul ,Churchill and a number of other prominent leaders receive the treatment, indeed two writers chose Hitler!

The book is a success and eminently readable. It runs to 185 pages plus a usable bibliography. The photographs are relevant and on gloss paper, printing is to the usual high standard of Frontline books.

With Christmas approaching this light but thoroughly enjoyable book is likely to be a good present, cover price of £19.99 seems a little high but there are a few copies on Amazon from £10.00 (Kindle £14.39)

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