Peter Darman
'As Dust to the Wind' is the sixth and final instalment in Peter Darman's excellent 'Crusader Chronicles' series (the rest of the series have been reviewed on this site previously: reviews for Book 5 (Schism), Book 4 (Master of Mayhem) & Book 3 (Castellan) are still available).

As ever, the story grips from the off and fans of the series will not be disappointed by this final chapter. Once again, Darman has successfully balanced historical accuracy and detail with a lavish plot line that intertwines the characters of the previous five books in a fitting finale. Not wanting to deliver a spoiler, I shall not go into too much detail about the plot but this book sees the 'Sword Brothers', a crusading Christian brotherhood of warrior monks, at the apogee of their power.

Darman has wrapped the series up well, leaving no unfinished business so that the reader can move on to his next project with a sense of a job well done. As with his earlier Parthian series, Darman has produced a great series (you can buy the complete series here on Kindle for £12.93) and hopefully will now go on to spread his magic over another military era. For novices to the series and/or author, Darman is well worth a read: in my view he is more than a match for Bernard Cornwell and other well known military historical fiction authors.

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