Arnhem 1944

Arnhem 1944

Dilip Sarkar MBE
ARRSE Rating
5 Mushroom Heads
This is an unusual book, but very good indeed.

It follows through 20 chapters and an epilogue the lives and ultimate fates of various members of the allied forces and one unfortunate Dutchman who died protecting his family. It's a very moving read and does ask some serious questions of the legalities of identifying the dead (for various reasons the CWGC are against DNA testing).

It also has some excellent photographs and maps scattered throughout the book. These only add to the sense of the tragic cost of this battle and its aftermath. The author has also through diligent research with others managed to identify or correct the dates of death of some of these servicemen who died, bringing a degree of peace to their surviving relatives.

He also pays tribute to the Dutch people who still hold those who didn't get to go home dear and look after where they lie.

All in all, this is a first class book and deserves 5 mushroom heads as it appeals both to the casual reader or those with a deeper interest in this battle.

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