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Armourdog Tablet case

i stick a case on everything. Phones, tablets, they'll all take a nose dive eventually.
I've a Griffen defender on the big iPad. It's stinking, battered probably a health hazard but the iPad is pristine.

I've been using Moleskine covers for the iPhone and mini iPad a bit more discreet and less industrial looking.
But I thought I'd get another case for the mini iPad. Didn't fancy another £40 (or whatever the exchange rate is today) for a defender. A cheap misaligned Chinese one seemed pointless so I found this an Armourdog tablet case.
Great fit, all the holes match. Everything useable. And it's local £18.99 from London. Free postage, fits in a couple of minutes and they threw in a bag of Haribo.

I would just like to point out that I paid for this myself with my incredibly easily earned money. It wasn't a freebie and if they did phone covers I'd buy one
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