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Armadillo Rammy

Like all of the items for sale from Armadillo Merino these Boxers are sold as fire retardant, having UV protection and being anti-static. I saw fire retardant and thought of nomex and materials like that and must admit to wondering how comfy they would be as active underwear. Well I should not have worried, as if I hadn't read it on their site, I would not have known it. These boxers look and feel like a good quality pair of normal day to day under shorts. These companies have started making fire retardant layers as the synthetic ones have been known to melt to the wearer if things go bad.

They are extremely well constructed with the seams looking like a cross between heavy industry and the tread of a tyre. The material is very light and soft and once on easily forgotten about. As with the Cougar t-shirt I reviewed the first time I wore these was hill walking and was very impressed with how dry they kept me. These really are a marvel of wicking fabric. It was probably the most comfortable I have been while walking.

On exercise as well I had no rubbing or chafing which normally builds up over a week. In fact I can honestly say it was a pleasure to wear them. Armadillo Merino state that these shorts can be worn for longer without getting smelly. In true scientific tradition I decided to find out. I put these on at the same time as the Cougar t-shirt to see whether it was true. Now normally I would change underwear every day on ex and I must admit I was a little dubious about keeping them on for so long. Well it is true; they were remarkably odour free and still dry after some god awful rain and a lot of rolling about in muddy puddles. Like the cougar they dried extremely quickly and stayed comfortable throughout.

The sizing is very generous; I am normally a large and really could have done with a medium. Every time I stopped I had to retrieve what appeared to be about half a yard of material from the dark side of the moon, not easy in webbing and body armour, but it provides giggles for the rest of your section anyway. This is a minor niggle but one to bear in mind if ordering.

Caring for these is simple, a cool wash and all is good. Just leave to dry, which really doesn't take long and your good to go again.

All in all I was very impressed with the Rammy boxers; the only thing that lets them down in my view is the price. I could never pay what is really £40 for a pair of boxers and that is really sad as I think that these really are very good.

Armadillo Rammy kindly provided by Armadillo Merino.