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Armadillo Merino - Kojak, Giraffe and Hawk

Armadillo Merino - Kojak, Giraffe and Hawk

ARRSE Rating
5 Mushroom Heads
COMPETITION: In conjunction with the bloody nice fellows at Armadillo Merino, we're going to run a 'Winner a Week' where each week up until, er, we run out of stuff, there'll be a bit of Armadillo Merino kit up for grabs.

Watch the video, and it's only a video this time, and answer the following question:

I wasn't wearing any Armadillo Merino during the shooting of the video and it took us about forty minutes (lots of cutting and editing). How cold do you think I was?

Best answer wins this weeks prize of a Kojak Beanie worth and competition ends next Wednesday whenever I remember to come and end it. Once that's done, we'll throw out the next competition and culminate with the high end kit. Get your entries in and have a warm Armadillo Merino Christmas this year!

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