Armadillo Elite Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Armadillo Elite Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

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4.5 Mushroom Heads
I’ve been wearing the Armadillo Elite Short Sleeve Polo Shirt in Navy for the past three months which has provided plenty of opportunity to wear it in a wide variety of different situations. Made out of superfine merino wool knitted into an impressively lightweight fabric this is a top end product that feels fabulous to the touch. It also looks great and keeps you warm/cool (delete as required) so is suitable for almost any occasion you want. I’ve worn mine as a base layer on a snowy Dartmoor day but also with a decent pair of shoes and trousers for an evening out.

Like all merino products it resists the build up of odour so can be worn for prolonged periods and if it gets wet dries extremely quickly. It is also excellent for travelling as it weighs almost nothing, folds up into a very small size for packing and doesn’t need ironing once unfolded.

The lack of a tag on the neck is a nice touch which means there is nothing to irritate. Instead there is a discrete Armadillo logo low on the rear right of the shirt which I think looks pretty good.
I also own the Armadillo Cobra Elite Short Sleeve T-Shirt which is the made from the same material but just in a different style. The warmth it provides and the fact I can wear it for multiple days without needing washing means that it is my base layer of choice for use in my day job as a diving instructor. I’ve worn it under my drysuit undersuit for the last 4-5 years which means that it have done over 400 UK dives in water temperatures down to 5 degrees. Despite this prolonged use the Cobra is still in excellent condition and I’ll certainly be getting another when it finally gives up.

Brilliant you say, well where can I get one? The answer is from the Armadillo websitewhich is suitably easy to use and offers a variety of delivery options depending on how quickly you want one.

Before you do so, there is the issue of price which needs to be dealt with. The Armadillo Elite Polo Shirt retails for £110 which, even with a hefty ARRSE discount, is a lot of money for a top so you’re probably not going to buy a wardrobe full of them. On the other hand this is a awesome product that I love wearing and can be relied upon to provide many years of use which makes it an excellent investment.
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