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Yves Buffetaut has produced a brief but useful overview of the Ardennes offensive of 1944. Readers of a certain age will be familiar with the film “The Battle Of The Bulge” and there is a famous clip of the Panzer Lied that surfaces regularly on YouTube. Heavyweight books abound including Snow & Steel , The Devil’s Adjutant and Armageddon. The heavyweight books are perhaps aimed at the serious military reader who already knows a bit about the campaign.

Ardennes 1944 manages to give a decent overview in 123 pages and the quality of the photographs is first class. Devotees of the PIAT , Vickers MMG and Puma will be well rewarded. Captioning is generally accurate although a M1 carbine (p68 ) is referred to as a M1 carbine Garand rifle. Pedantic ARRSE readers will note that the Garand did not have a carbine version, the M1 Carbine was based on a Winchester design and fired the lighter .30 cartridge.
There is an interesting photograph of the M1919 Browning in the ground role with the Rifle Brigade. This weapon was usually associated with vehicle mounts on lend lease vehicle at that date. The fabric belt will bring back happy memories to ex Ferret users.

The book is priced at £19.99 which seems a bit steep for a slender volume , however, Amazon has copies from £13.59. There is a reasonable index and some suggestions for further reading.

In summary , this is a good stocking filler for Christmas and as with most Casemate books , should sell well

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