An Englishman at War

An Englishman at War

James Holland
ARRSE Rating
2 Mushroom Heads
From the outbreak of war in September 1939 to the smouldering ruins of Berlin in 1945, via Tobruk, El Alamein, D-Day and the crossing of the Rhine, An Englishman at War is a unique first-person account of the Second World War.
Stanley Christopherson’s regiment, the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, went to war as amateurs and ended up one of the most experienced, highly trained and most valued armoured units in the British Army.

A junior officer at the beginning of the war, Christopherson became the commanding officer of the regiment soon after the D-Day landings. What he and his regiment witnessed presents a unique overview of one of the most cataclysmic events in world history and gives an extraordinary insight, through tragedy and triumph, into what it felt like to be part of the push for victory.

James Holland has produced some interesting and exciting books in the past, unfortunately this is not one of them. This Diary I found was flat and uninspiring and left me with no interest or empathy for the Author of the Diary. One of the giveaways was the fact that its available cheaply on Kindle.

For just over 100 pages we are treated to an Officer who enjoys drinking at the club, playing tennis and having a fantasy love affair with another chaps wife. Obviously taken from personal Diary entries during the strict censorship of World War Two we are left wanting more all the time. They say the Devil is in the detail, well this could have done with more. Two mushroom heads because it might have some use for a social studies student of the 20th century .

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