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Alpkit - Brukit

After shed loads of pondering, researching and asking on here, I decided to buy this bit of kit. At £35 it really packs a punch and whilst I can't compare it to a Jetboil or MSR, I am more than impressed with the design, quality, ignition and power.

The cup takes a litre of water and will get to a rolling boil in 5m 28s. It uses 100g or 230g canisters and The Range is the store to go to because they flog them at £2.99.

Let's see how it does next week eh? Here is their description:

BruKit is an integrated grab and go cooking system requiring minimal setup where everything you need can be contained in a single pot.

Think of all those occasions where you have had to make do with a stewed Thermos and think how much better it would be if you could have quickly made a fresh brew or nutritious soup for your lunch. Keep one in the back of your Landy, take one to the river bank or become the envy of your mates on your building site this winter with a mug of piping hot Earl Grey!

This closed system gives a fast boil time thanks to a built in heat exchanger and windshield which makes sure heat goes into your food rather than into outerspace. With this greater efficiency you can go further and carry less. BruKit excels at heating water fast and rehydrating dried food, a dream come true for anyone setting out on their DofE expedition. A neoprene pot cosy can be left on the pot during cooking making it easier to handle the pot and keep your meal warmer longer.

Heat and eat it is that simple. With a built in Piezo ignitor you don't been need to carry a box of matches. No messing around with separate components this is an all-in-one stove system that gives you a complete cooking system. Just add a gas canister and cook!
  • 1500 W
  • Food will stay warmer longer thanks to a neoprene pot cosy which also makes it easier to handle the pot when warm
  • A large gas control knob is easy to adjust, even with gloved hands
  • Built in windshield and heat exchanger
  • Sealable silicone lid with drinking slot
  • Detachable rubberised stainless steel handles
  • Integrated piezo ignition means you don't have to worry about getting your matches wet
  • Perfect capacity for 2 hungry people
  • Volume indicators on the inside of the cooking vessel make measuring out quantities easier
  • Compact design - the burner and a gas canister can fit inside
  • Fast and efficient boil time, great for melting snow in the winter
  • The BruKit comes with a mesh storage bag
  • Hard anodised aluminium
  • Butt welded