Allied Armour in Normandy

Allied Armour in Normandy

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Yves Buffetaut is a renowned French World War II historian, and the author of many volumes in the Militaria series for Histoire & Collections, several of which have now been translated into English in the Casemate Illustrated series. Many of his books have been reviewed on Army Rumour Service, by Smeg Head.

Buffetaut begins each of his books with a timeline of events, painting the science for the reader. His books always contain a wealth of information useful to both modeller and historian alike. Interspersed with with the many black and white photos are schematics showing the breakdown of various formations such as heavy tank division and light armoured division. There are also comparisons between the British Armoured Brigade and the British Armoured Division plus the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment and The Armoured Car Reconnaissance Regiment. An excellent schematic of a British Tank Regiment 1944 appears on pages 14 & 15 followed by a schematic of a typical Armoured Regiment 1944 on page 16.

The usual profiles feature well in this book and are of use to the modeller with type of markings and camouflage. Armour featured includes; Churchill VII, M5A1 Stuart, M4A1 Sherman w/76mm gun, Achilles Tank Destroyer, M10 Tank Destroyer, Daimler Mk1, M8 Armoured Car, Universal Carrier, Sherman Fireflies, M4A3 Sherman with 105mm gun, M5A5 Stuart, M10 Wolverine Tank Destroyer, M4A1 DD (Duplex Drive) Sherman, Churchill Petard 290mm Mortar, M7 Priest and Sexton and some rare pictures of armour of the French 2nd Armoured Division. Also included are a couple of DUKW's and an M3 Half-track.

There are also personality profiles of some of the major leaders from the allied side. These are; Lt.Gen George S. Patton US, Maj-Gen Percy Hobart UK, Gen. Sir Bernard Montgomery UK, Lt. Gen Omar Bradley US, Lt. Gen Henry Crerar CAN, Maj-Gen Phillipe Leclerc FR.
Throughout the book there are pocket histories and formation diagrams of allied Brigades and Divisions.

The book is an interesting read, happily giving credit to all Allied participants and giving detailed accounts of the major conflicts during the Normandy Campaign.

An excellent book with something for the Historian and modeller.

Rating: A very good 4 out of 5

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