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AKU Pilgrim HL GTX MOD Brown

For the last 4 months I have been lucky enough to review the new AKU Pilgrim HL in Brown sold by Trekitt of Hereford. They come in two versions a Goretex and a non Gortex version but this review is on the Goretex version.

The pictures on the internet don’t do these boots justice so I was pleasantly surprised how good the boots look in the flesh. The colour of these boots are MOD brown which means they do match the issued boots and blend in with MTP well so I did get away with wearing them around camp on normal daily routine. The height of the boot is similar to the Altbergs so they did provide good stability when on boot runs, tabs and patrolling on exercise and in the Falklands.

I've never previously considered AKU boots due to the very thin sole that was the result of them being initially designed for marine ops. However these have a new vibram sole that makes them much thicker and highly robust.

These boots were very comfy doing all types of activities including walks and trails, military use and are robust and lightweight especially on runs and tabs. The only problem I have with them is that they are a little tight around the small toe however this is due to boot size not design. I am normally an 8 in boots however I went for a 8.5 in the AKU. In hindsight, a size 9 would probably have been a better fit for me so I would advise going a size up on what you normally used although this will also vary depending on your sock preferences.

The Goretex makes the boots 100% waterproof and I did not suffer with sweating so conclude that the breathability must be good. Like any Goretex boot though they will take a long time to dry if they get wet inside.

The boots are still holding together in one-piece as well with no eyelets broken or missing, no fraying or tears so far. Best of all I have not had one blister in these boots they were good to go from the start and did not need breaking in.

In conclusion the AKU Pilgrim GTX Boot in MOD brown is an excellent boot that is robust lightweight and very comfortable. They cost around £170 which is about the average price for this type of boot. I like them that much that I am looking at purchasing the non goretex version for the summer months.
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