Ace Models, 1/72 & 1/48 scale models

Ace Models, 1/72 & 1/48 scale models

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Recently, a friend of mine gave me a couple of models by Ace Models of Ukraine. At first I thought, "who are these guys", I'd never heard of them! Apparently, they've been kicking around the old Eastern bloc countries for several years until the separation of the old USSR. Since then, they have hit the mainstream market with models in 1/72 and 1/48 scales and took off!

Their standard models are made in injection moulded plastic, but recently they have also brought out a range of aftermarket kits in photo-etched brass and some cast resin accessories. The PE parts are fair but the resin stuff needs a lot of cleaning.
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The range of kits in 1/72 is quite remarkable. Obviously, there are a large number of Russian and Soviet vehicles, but there are some nice little British vehicles, including The Humber Snipe 8cwt truck, FFW (Fitted for Wireless), The Ford Forlite 8HP Staff Car and
the 8HP Tourer.

The standard of these models is very good, but care needs to be taken when fitting parts as they are very well detailed and there are some tiny little parts. The instructions are black and white line drawings including two or three paint schemes for each kit. Decals are provided but are limited and finished quality is debatable. The one good thing about the decals are they are of obscure Headquarters units, so not all bad.

The kits are moulded onto two or three numbered sprues per kit, a little reminiscent of the earlier Airfix kits. There are plenty of mould lines and flash, which needs cleaning off, plus there are the almost obligatory mould release pin marks on the underside of most panels. There are also a few sink holes in some of the larger parts.
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Once cleaned up, the models assemble fairly easy; and with a good paint job, they look pretty respectable. Unfortunately, the only paint references given are for the standard "Bronze Green". I prefer to use Tamiya Olive Drab (XF62) followed by a dusting of Deck Tan (XF55) and a light dry-brushing of Metallic Grey (XF56). I am researching the Snipe to see what other theatre of operations they were used in.

All in all, a good model producer with some interesting kits in the pipeline.
I would rate them 3 out of 5

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