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5.11 Tactical TDU Pants

If you are looking for an extremely hard wearing pair of trousers for working or outdoors wear, I cannot recommend these highly enough. I was given a pair of these in November last year and have worn them a lot since then.

These are a heavy weight trouser with reinforced panels at the seat and knee and removable neoprene knee pads in internal pockets. Pocket space is impressive; the front pockets are spacious with the right having a small pouch inside, suitable for a phone or such-like. Two large leg pockets with two pouches per pocket sized for an AR mag in each pouch, the leg pockets are also lined with 5.11’s back up belt system, a fancy name for one side of Velcro, the other side being attached to a variety of pouches sold by the company to stick on, such as mag pouches, handcuff pouches and even holsters. The Back up Belt is used in other items from the 5.11 range including vests and jackets. Finishing off the pockets are two on the back. All of the pockets are closed with Velcro.

The trousers have a self adjusting waist band which is actually pretty good although I still wear a belt with them as I just can’t bring myself to trust an elastic waist and are fastened with both a button and press fastener. The quality of these trousers is impressive, I have been using them a lot and they have been through the wash many times, there is no sign of colour fade and I have not had so much as a loose thread. Comparing these to my issue 95’s is like comparing laminated card to tissue paper.

The official blurb states that they are Teflon® treated for stain, liquid and dirt resistance and I must admit that they are still unstained even after working on my car in them. As for liquids they do seem to repel water pretty well and are not altogether slow to dry either.

I was going to use these for hill walking, but for me they are to heavy and stiff, however I do wear them for taking the kids geo caching and the like as there is not a thorn in the country that stands a chance against these. I also like wearing them for working on the car as the knee pads are pretty good.

A quick search online reveals that you can pick these up from £31.50 and up, the cheapest I have seen is on Amazon ( Used and New: 5.11 Tactical TDU Pant - REGULAR LEG Ripstop Dark Navy - Small (Waist))

All in all I would recommend these to anyone who is after some heavy duty trousers for shooting, country wear or working. They would be an investment because it would take a lot to break them. If I had one complaint it would be that putting the kneepads back in can be a bit of a nause, as the hole to push them through is quite small.