2,024 QI Facts

2,024 QI Facts

John Lloyd, James Harkin, Anne Miller
ARRSE Rating
4 Mushroom Heads
Each year at this time QI bring out another edition of their hugely entertaining and informative book of facts. This year being no different we have 2.024 QI Facts for your delectation.

Why 2,024 facts I hear you say? Well this is the seventh book in the series and this brings the total of facts given by the Elves to 10,000, which is a lot of random information! Ancient Chinese philosophy says that 10,000 is the number which is used to mean “the indefinite multiplicity of all forms and beings in existence”. Maybe they miscalculated. The QI team though feel that this, the seventh book, is the last and the project has run its course.

What may, and indeed should, spur you on to purchase this book is the fact that I use the book as an inspiration when compiling my book competitions. Why these particular facts are chosen is a mystery that lives with the QI Team led by John Lloyd, but hey, who cares?

Some of the QI facts are:
  • Humans glow in the dark
  • The Pope drives a blue Ford Focus
  • Scottish football referees are sponsored by SpecSavers
  • The world’s smallest computer is smaller than a grain of sand.
  • Nobody knows who named the Earth
For each of the facts there is a page on the QI website explaining how the team arrived at accepting that the fact is indeed genuine. Instructions on how to search are given in the book.

There is an alphabetical index at the back, which I find very difficult to use as rather than laid out as a list or table the text just runs on into the next fact. Still, each fact is listed along with its page number. For instance the first fact above is listed under humans on page 5, or, 23 or 45 or 10 other pages. It takes the word ‘glow’ and its three reference pages to find that the fact is indeed on page 45. That aside it is simple to use once you are used to it.

Personally I love these books and the trivia that they bring. I am sorry that the series has run its course – hopefully their enthusiasm for Facts will start another series.

Being the last QI Book of Facts I can give you another one: The last Fact given by the QI Team is:

There’s no such thing as total darkness anywhere in the universe
Obviously they have not read some of posts on Arrse, but who are we mere mortals to question QI?

If you are a great fan of Facts and Trivia then this is a 4.5 Mr MRHs book; if you are a general reader then this can probably be around 3.5, so I will round off with a 4 Mr MRHs – but a good four!

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