1973: The First Nuclear War & Desert Storm

1973: The First Nuclear War & Desert Storm

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The above two titles arrived together as something new that @Auld-Yin had been sent and he asked , although they weren’t books but magazines, if I could review them both together.

Both titles are part of a series of magazines covering what has been described as “the backwater of the Cold War” and are full of all manner of details from orders of battle to the historical background to the conflicts or part of the conflict being studied to technical information regarding weapon systems, aircraft or AFV’s as well numerous personalities involved.

The main narrative of the two issues was from the less well known sides of the conflicts, the Iraqi military in “Desert Storm” and the Egyptian Air Force during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and this makes a refreshing change. Most of what I have read about both conflicts has been from either the Allied or the Israeli perspective and it was good to “see it through different eyes” for a change. “Desert Storm“, for example gives a detailed history of the various political and military goings on which led to Iraq invading Kuwait and also a good account of the early fighting between the two countries. There is then the well documented build up of Allied military power prior to the launch of Op Desert Storm/Granby and the subsequent victory after a relatively short period of operations.

1973 covers the air operations conducted by the Israeli Air Force against Port Said, el-Mansourah and Tanta primarily from the Egyptian perspective but also gives details on the Israeli formations. The title “The First Nuclear War” comes from the air bases mentioned being the ones from which Scud ballistic missiles, potentially armed with Soviet nuclear warheads, could be fired into central Israel and as such the area witnessed some of the most spectacular air-to-air combat of that war.

Both issues are full of detail and contain dozens of photographs, maps and illustrations and are well worth a read.

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