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1,342 QI Facts to Leave you Flabbergasted

The QI Elves
It is indeed that time of year when we are sent the lovely stocking fillers that are the QI Books of Facts. This is the latest in the series and what more can be said about these. Compact, funny, serious and bits in between. Also a source of contentious question material for some Book Quiz compilers to keep the Olivenet users on a keen edge!

The book has 1,342 quite interesting facts such as:

  • Lifts in Singapore are fitted with urine detectors which if activated stops the lift and summons the police. Something to remember if you are caught short on a night out in Singers.
  • One for @The_Snail : A Group of Unicorns is known as a Blessing; and if you do see a group of unicorns chances are you will need a Blessing! :omfg:
  • $1,000 dollars invested in the cocaine trade on 2014 would have been worth $182,000 in 2015
  • And a final random fact, and obviously one not tested on Arrsers: Messages travel through the brain faster than a F1 car.

There you go, a sample of many weird and wonderful facts so that when some annoying relative, or even SWMBO, gives you a fact you can probably say “I Know!” while brandishing a copy of this book. :-D

A nice wee stocking filler for the fact lover in your family. Worth its 3/5 Mr MRHs stars.

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