Zumbeley contact.

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WMIKs in contact in Zumbeley, Afghanistan 7462 Pics Zumbeley contact. Zumbeley. Still in contact as it gets dark! hello,we're Jehova's Witness. Do you have  a spare moment? Patrol along Helmand river to Kader Kalay village Un Soldat de France en AFG Afghan Zumbeley. Still in contact and it's bloody dark! Still no sign of air support!!! Afghan WMIK lie-up point somewhere east of Geresk, Afghanistan Piper Salute 2 hours later. Time for a fag break me thinks!!! 5765
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  2. ViperRLC
    Actually I have not eaten any pies since I joined WW and started to lose my fat arrse. The boyfriend is not made up and yes IM A STAB GET OVER IT!
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    You would eat a council estate if it had a crust over it, fatty.
  4. cuckingfunt
    Charlotte - nail, head, hammer :wink:
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    yeah Charlotte...fancy just being some random STAB moose who put her pic on the internet eh... what sort of silly c unt would do that?.... pot..... kettle... colour check over.
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    shortfuse....WAH! :D thats why I wasn't stupid enough to do that!! :roll: