you know what i am thinking

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  1. charlotte-the-harlot
    charlotte-the-harlot do you know about me going commando, thought you liked me like that? men so fickle :D
  2. Mighty_doh_nut
    Shame there are no beads of moisture soaking through them....... Ignore charlotte the whore..... she's nowt to say but will say it over and over anyway
  3. Murielson
    Assume this is the interweb equivalent of checking out the ladies underwaer section in me Mums catalogue when I was a youngster? But why post it here FFS?
  4. crazyjay
    Murielson, (FFS :? ) yet you still had to make a comment :roll: if you don't like it or agree then don'f fkin look :crash:
  5. FiveAlpha
    Jay you're proper seriously you are. ******* virgin.